Cheryl Salters Solutions


I'm Cheryl

Welcome, I'm a former corporate girl too, yep stayed longer than I planned [17yrs].

Like you, I started off juggling it all, while holding down my 9:5, and keeping that paycheck coming in.

If you're thinking there are already a boat load of people doing what you do - hmm so did I.

If you're wondering what to offer, or what topic to create a course or coaching.

If you have sooo many ideas, but you're kinda struggling on where to start.

You're NOT alone. We all started with similar doubts and second guessing ourselves.

May I offer you a bit of coaching?

Before leaving corporate, create a few offers and get your signature offers in place and profitable.

Think of your corporate experience as your training ground. You worked hard for that experience use it!

Start before you're ready - seriously, polish it and put it out into the market to get feedback.

My business allows me the freedom and flexibility to mentor clients I love,

create marketing, define key projects, design course and coaching content.

Yes, I'll help you leverage your corporate expertise to build your own thriving online business.

My Education & Expertise at Work

Work Experience: 15 years IBM, 3 years JMJ Consultants

Education: BA - Business Management, Masters in Entrepreneurship

Expertise: Created Developer Learning Portal, Sr Project Manager, Business Unit Strategist, Content Marketing Manager, Marketing & Events Manager

What makes me different?

I can bring the vision to life. From idea to implementation to income stream.

Strategy, project plan, content design and marketing

NO more worry about WHO & HOW to get it ALL done.

I love learning all the things for the front end and back end of running a business.

Certifications: PMP, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Conversion Funnels

Fun Facts...

01. currently live in

Austin, TX

02. guilty pleasure

flowers, red wine

03. fave cities to visit

paris & barcelona

04. not working

reading on the deck

05. super power

project management

06. thing I hoard

office supplies

07. fav singer

Tina Turner

08. fav color

fuchsia, good guess

09. must haves

lipstick, earrings

Client Love

"Cheryl helped me create my brand palette, map out my signature programs and web page layouts in my VIP Day.We’ve worked together on everything..."

JANET WISE  / Wise Advantages - NYC

Client Love

"Cheryl gave me the processes and CLARITY I needed to take my product from idea stage to development, design and promotion. She is absolutely 100%, the real deal."



Working together...

Signature Offers

Create a signature suite of digital, products and programs designed to move your dream clients from panic to peace of mind.

Content Design

Premium offers that STAND OUT and SHOWCASE your expertise. We'll create visuals that vibe with your tribe.

Fabulous Funnels

You need profitable cash-flow funnels that are always ON. If you have No funnels or a “kinda-sorta one," we'll get it automated.

How to Package your Expertise into High-ticket Coaching...

Without Overwhelm, Working Every Weekend or Tech Trauma.

Create a high-ticket coaching business. Identify and leverage your zone of genius to create signature offers AND replace your salary.


From Corporate to Coaching