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Startup Marketing

If you want to grow your business, (I seriously hope you do) you must master sales and marketing. Start with these proven strategies, and you’ll be well on your way to building the coaching business and lifestyle you dream about.

Get Inside your Ideal Clients Head

Who is your target audience? It's Not Everyone. An Ideal Client Profile helps you aim your marketing, offers and business goals at one specific market with one specific problem, so you can captivate, connect with and convert them.

Pop o' Personality into your Content

Your personality and style is your Secret Weapon to building your personal brand and business. When it comes to attracting your ideal audience and dream clients, WHO you are is just as important and WHAT you do and the problems your business solves.

Bankable Credibility

Want to attract high-end clients for your coaching programs or participants for your online courses? First, you’ll have to become a trusted resource to your audience. Even if you're already working toward that goal, especially if you've been trying for some time, here are a few steps to help you gain bankable credibility fast.

VIP Days:

A Lucrative Strategy

VIP Days are an easy entry point for you and your clients. It delivers fast results that clients love. It only takes one conversation to get started. You don’t need a list or even a website. It is a high-value results-oriented offer so you can absolutely charge what you’re worth.

3 Reasons You Don't Stand Out

No matter if you host an online course or offer coaching your business needs a recognizable Vibe, distinct Voice, and Visuals that are signature to you. Here are 3 reasons why your brand doesn't stand out.

Savvy Systems

The business startup process is a system of interconnected pieces pulled together to attract, connect and convert prospects into clients. Each piece has a unique role to play and a special place in your sequence. Systems mean freedom and should offer flexibility to makes changes or up-level as your business grows.