Cheryl Salters Solutions

Build your dream business

Every woman should have the business or career of her dreams with the income streams she needs to take care of her family, create a legacy and make an impact in the world.

Proven Experience

You’ve spent over a decade in your corporate or professional career. I'm thinking you've probably worked on large and small projects, right?

Most likely working with both large and small budgets and teams true?

I bet you consistently delivered results to meet your performance and team goals too.

Yes, friend - you have unique and valuable skills you can teach someone. You right now, have more than enough education, experience and expertise to help someone. You can create offers, courses and programs that will help transforms someone's life or business.

Turn your 9:5 expertise into a profitable business,

so that your family is not relying on a single source of income.

my business helps you...



Convert your corporate and academic expertise into your own beautiful business that makes YOU money.



Create beautifully branded content for your coaching, courses, and services.

No design skills required.



Attract and convert your dream clients with sales funnels, landing pages, so that your dream clients say "yes" to working with you.

How to Package your Expertise into High-ticket Coaching...

Without Overwhelm, Working Every Weekend or Tech Trauma.

Create a high-ticket coaching business. Identify and leverage your zone of genius to create signature offers AND replace your salary.


From Corporate to Coaching

Working together...

Signature Offers

Create a signature suite of digital, products and programs designed to move your dream clients from panic to peace of mind.

Content Design

Premium offers that STAND OUT and SHOWCASE your expertise. We'll create visuals that vibe with your tribe.

Fabulous Funnels

You need profitable cash-flow funnels that are always ON. If you have No funnels or a “kinda-sorta one," we'll get it automated.